Terroir Seeds - New England Sugar Pie Pumpkin

The Go-To Choice For Pumpkin Pie Since The 1860's!
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  • Terroir Seeds - New England Sugar Pie Pumpkin
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For generations, this classic pumpkin has graced the fields and tables of farmers in New England. It has earned this place by being easy to grow and an enthusiastic producer of fruit that has thick, fine-grained, exceedingly sweet flesh. The bright orange, slightly ribbed fruit will be about 4-5 lbs. and average 6-8" in diameter; the perfect size for a pie or two. These plants will put out sprawling vine and are fairly hardy, but plant considerately as pumpkins do not like their vines moved or stepped on much. The richness of the flavor and the extraordinary sweetness of the yellow flesh can really stand up to baking, making this the ultimate pumpkin for pies or breads.

Days To Maturity: 80-118


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