Terroir Seeds - Jack B Little Pumpkin

These Little Handfuls Of Pumpkin Are Decorative And Delicious!
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  • Terroir Seeds - Jack B Little Pumpkin
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Children and adults alike love these cute little pumpkins. These plants will produce vigorous vines that can be trained to grow up fences or trellises, making them a feasible addition to a balcony or container garden. Each vine should produce 8-20 pumpkins with deep orange flesh and rinds. These mini pumpkins will be about 2" tall, 3-6" in diameter and weigh between 3-8 ounces each. If you let them cure fully on the vine, you can easily store these minis on your kitchen counter or pantry for up to 12 months. These pumpkins are most often used for decorations, but they are as tasty as they are cute. You can use the pumpkin itself as the serving dish by cutting off the top, scraping out the seeds, seasoning to taste, replacing the top and then baking it.

Days To Maturity: 85-110


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