Terroir Seeds - Giant Noble Spinach

This Giant Spinach Is Remarkably Sweet!
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Giant Nobel Spinach was first introduced in the Netherlands in 1926 and by 1933 it had migrated to the States and was an "All American Winner". This spinach variety can handle the heat (it's slow to bolt) and the cold (it actually becomes sweeter in cooler weather), which makes for an extended harvest period. These plants can spread to about 25" and will produce copious amounts of very large, thick, dark green, rippled leaves with rounded tips. Despite the size of these leaves, they remain as sweet and tender as baby spinach. Giant Nobel Spinach makes an excellent candidate for container growing; simply harvest the leaves frequently to keep them in their pot. With the heavy yields that you can expect from this plant, you will need plenty of spinach recipes. Luckily, these leaves are extremely versatile – they are delectable fresh, fabulous baked, sensational when sautéed or steamed and will remain delicious when canned.

Days To Maturity: 40-56


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