Terroir Seeds - Georgia Southern Collard Greens

Brassica oleracea

An Old-Time Southern Favorite That Can't Be Beat.
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  • Terroir Seeds - Georgia Southern Collard Greens
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Also known as Georgia collards, Creole collards and Southern collards, this particular collard green was introduced around 1880. Growing upright to about 2-3' tall, this non-heading type plant produces large cabbage-like, crumpled-looking, blue-green leaves that are tender, delicious and nutritious.

Southern traditionalists cook these leaves with a ham hock, but they are wonderful in stews, soups and raw in salads as well. These hardy and prolific growers are frost resistant and will often even grow back after a snow! Harvest young and frequently for best flavor.

Germination Temperature: 45 - 75° F and above.
Germination: 7 - 10 Days
Days to Maturity: 70 Days.
Difficulty: Easy

Each package contains approximately 200 seeds.

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