Terroir Seeds - Cherokee Purple Tomato

Delicious and Uniquely Beautiful Heirloom Tomato
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  • Terroir Seeds - Cherokee Purple Tomato
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An heirloom tomato whose origins are credited to the Cherokee nation in Tennessee more than 120 years ago. These plants will produce vines of about 36-40" tall with a spread of around 18" and a great many large dusky-pink, brick-red or purplish colored tomatoes. Fruit can be as big as 5" across and 3½" deep and weigh from 8 oz to 1 lb. The wonderful, lingering flavor is uniquely rich, sweet and somewhat smoky. This is the perfect tomato for eating raw. This special tomato is on Slow Food USA Ark of Taste, an international catalog of threatened foods. In order to generate consumer demand (crucial to agricultural conservation), the Ark only includes the best tasting endangered foods. This tomato combines the best of color, flavor and heritage!

Germination Temperature: 70 - 90° F
Germination: Usually within 6 - 14 Days
Days to Maturity: 72-80 Days.
Difficulty: Easy

Each package contains approximately 45 seeds.

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