Terroir Seeds - Benning's Green-Tint Scallop Squash

This Cute Flower-shaped Squash Tastes Simply Wonderful!
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  • Terroir Seeds - Benning's Green-Tint Scallop Squash
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This patty pan type of squash has been charming people with its unusual shape and great flavor since it was first introduced in 1914.The distinctive fruit of this semi open bush plant will be pie shaped and light or grayish-green with deeply scalloped edges ("flower" shaped). Although these squash can get pretty big, they are best when harvested at about 2-3" in size. If you pick them any bigger than this, the skin will be tough. This is a pretty easy plant to grow and will produce high yields, but like other squash, it has some pet peeves that you should take note of. For instance, squash seeds really don't like cold soil; don't plant outside until about a week after the last frost or when the soil temperature reaches an average of 65°F. Additionally, squash don't like their roots disturbed; so if you need to thin you should take care not to disturb those plants you want to remain where they are. The best way to do this is to cut the stems of those you want to remove instead of pulling them out root and all. You will enjoy these little gems in all the usual recipes, but they are also sweet enough simply sautéed in butter or grilled.

Days To Maturity: 47-56


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