NS/S Bean Seeds - Tarahumara Frijol Negro

Phaseolus vulgaris

A Beautiful Black Bean From South of the Border.
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  • NS/S Bean Seeds - Tarahumara Frijol Negro
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Tarahumara Frijol Negro is a common bean that has long been a necessary staple of the indigenous people of northern Mexico for which it's named. These seeds are from a collection whose origin is Kurare, Chihuahua, Mexico. They will produce a pole bean with lovely lilac flowers and very small leaves. The pods will also be small and full of itty-bitty, black seeds that cook quickly. Like other common beans, they can be eaten young as green beans or dried and shelled. This would be the quintessential bean for a perfect plate of beans and rice!

Use Instructions:   Beans need warm soil for best germination. Plant seeds in spring or with summer rains about 1" deep and 6" apart. If beans need a trellis, try intercropping with corn or sorghum.

Days to Maturity:      85-100

What's in the package: Approximately 50 seeds

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