Territorial Seed – Stupice Tomato

USDA Certified Organic and Demeter Certified Biodynamic. This Czech Import Will Bring You Plump and Tasty Tomatoes Throughout A Long Season.
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This exceptional tomato was bred by Milan Sodomka and introduced to North America in the mid-1970's. This indeterminate plant is a potato leaf variety and can grow to be as much as 4' tall. It will produce a continuous heavy yield of small to medium sized (about 2" x 2" in diameter or 3-6 oz.) red fruit in clusters. The fruit of the Stupice Tomato has a rich, somewhat tangy flavor that deepens throughout the long season. These tomatoes are very early producers and love cool weather, which makes them a great choice for areas with short summers. They are also extremely adaptable and are tolerant of heat and drought. Perfect when eaten right off the vine, the Stupice tomato is also extraordinary when cooked or dried.

  • Soil Temp. for Germination: ……70-90°F
  • Days to Germination: ……………6-14
  • Days to Maturity: … …… ………60-65
  • Difficulty: ………………………Medium
Use Instructions:

Sowing Indoors –
  • 6-8 weeks before your average last frost date, start seeds in sterile seedling mix.
  • Water lightly after planted and cover with a grow dome or plastic to ensure that seeds do not dry out.
  • When the first set of true leaves have emerged, transplant them into a larger pot, burying the stem to a point just below the first set of leaves. At this point, make sure not to overwater, so the stem will have time to adapt in the soil and develop roots.

Sowing Outdoors - Not recommended.

Growing Tips-
Cover the young plant with a floating row cover or protect them with cloches to help promote good early growth. The use of Red Plastic Mulch can also increase yields.

Fertilization Tips-
As transplants, fertilize with a high nitrogen fertilizer solution every 10-14 days. Apply ¼ cup of organic fertilizer into the soil around each plant.

Seed Specs-
Min. germ. standard: 80%. Usual seed life: 3 years.

What's in the package: one-eighth gram of seed.

Certifications: USDA Certified Organic and Demeter Biodynamic Certified

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