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Stacking 12" Self Watering Planter

Perfect For Vertical Or Hanging Gardening – Indoors Or Out!
  • Terracotta
    SKU: 3001200
  • $32.99
  • Sandstone
    SKU: 3001201
  • $32.99
  • Black
    SKU: 3001202
  • $32.99
  • Tuscany
    SKU: 3001203
  • $32.99
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Whether you want to grow vertically or you prefer the look of cascading plants, this planter is the only one you'll need. This 12" in diameter container is made with food-grade, UV protected polypropylene and will allow you to grow in the most efficient way possible by utilizing less water and space. This patented design simply will not allow you to over-water your plants; the watering grids moves water through the planter and into the water reservoir. From there, it will then overflow into the next planter or, ultimately (if you continue to pour water) out of the planters entirely. Additionally, this reservoir serves the plant by holding nutrients for it to use as well as by keeping it hydrated. You need not worry that the reservoir could create a mosquito breeding ground; it is totally surrounded by soil, so mosquitoes cannot reach it. The unique shape and features of this planting system make it ideal for many different types of growing. You can hang the planter with the included swivel hanging chain or you can stack them up to 9 layers high on any stable surface. Now you can grow beautiful cacti without worrying about over-watering. It also makes an ideal spot for growing strawberries. Or try growing a variety of vegetables or herbs for a perfect mini-garden.

Choose from one of four lovely colors (Terracotta, Stone, Black and Tuscany) - you are only limited by what kind of garden you can dream up.


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