Sensational Solution's Gone Fish N, 10-1-1

This Micronized Fertilizer Gives Your Plants A Mega-Boost of Nitrogen.
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Sensational Solutions Gone Fish N is a fishmeal based micronized fertilizer designed to provide a quick hike in nitrogen for plants growing in any source of horticultural medium. The micronization process used to create this product removes the water and breaks down the fertilizer into the finest of particles. This results in a concentrated fertilizer whose nutrients and microorganisms are more readily available to the plant than other types of fertilizers. These smaller size particles also mean that you can use much lower application rates than traditional fertilizers and that it will easily go into suspension and not clog emitters or sprayers. Smaller sized particles also mean smaller packaging, which reduces waste, makes for more efficient shipping and is easier to handle and store. Less is truly more with this micronized powerhouse of a fertilizer!

Your plants will have increased vigor and green up fast with Sensational Solutions Gone Fish N. And you quick results will last for weeks after application.


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