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Zea mays

A Heritage Wheat Seed That Has Been Treasured For Thousands Of Years.
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By 6,700 BC, corn was being grown by ancient Meso-Americans along the Rio Balsas in south-central Mexico. It seems likely that it had been domesticated in the area well before that date. Sometime in the 9,000 years between then and now, this particular variety made its way to the Santo Domingo Pueblo of northern New Mexico. Corn plays a part in many Native American rituals; but is also a multi-purpose staple food. These tall (8-9') plants have substantial ears with large flat, white kernels. The ample kernels are just right for posole (aka hominy, masa or nixtamal) or grinding into cornmeal and the hefty ears are perfect for roasting (elote) and creating tamales. When planning your planting and harvest, keep in mind that corn needs rich soil and moisture to thrive and that heat, aridity & high winds can all reduce pollination.

Days to Maturity:           63 days to pollination, 111 days to dried ears in Patagonia, AZ (4,000 ft.)

Use Instructions:           In early spring or with summer rains, plant seeds 1" deep. If planting in rows, plant seeds 12" apart. If planting in basins (for arid regions) or in hills, plant 3-4 seeds 18" apart.

What's in the package:    Approximately 50 seeds.

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