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NS/S Common Bean Seeds - Rattlesnake

Legendary Beans of the Southwest!
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  • NS/S Common Bean Seeds - Rattlesnake
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This plant is legendary in the Southwest because it can survive on the summer monsoon rain alone and provide an abundant harvest. The vines of this pole plant can grow to 10' long and produce pretty dark green and purple streaked 7-8" pods. The colors of the beans, light tan and speckled with brown, are similar to those of a rattlesnake, hence the name. Allowed to mature and dry on the vine, beans will become auburn with brown speckles. When harvested early, you will have very sweet snap beans. Dried pods can be harvested throughout the growing season or harvest whole plants.

Whether you choose to eat them as tender snap beans right off the vine or as a hearty addition to your winter soups, they are equally delicious.

Each package contains approximately 100 seeds/30 g.

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