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Territorial Seeds - Lutz Green Leaf Beet

USDA Certified Organic and Demeter Certified Biodynamic. Also Known As Winterkeeper Beet, Both Roots And Foliage Of This Plant Are Delicious.
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  • Territorial Seeds - Lutz Green Leaf Beet
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You will receive a variety of taste treats in one when you grow this vibrant plant; the globe-shaped roots are wonderfully sweet and the large, glossy leaves are mouth-watering on their own. The large garnet-colored beet root can easily grow to 6" in diameter and still maintain its flavor without turning woody or pithy. These roots are superb when eaten raw, boiled, roasted or pickled. The bright green foliage (it may have some red ribbing) can be picked while still young and delicate for a great addition to salads or it can be allowed to grow out until it is thick and fleshy and cooked as you would a chard. This beet variety is exceptional for storing (which has earned it the "Winterkeeper" name); it not only keeps well for long periods, it actually will sweeten over time. Since beets are prone to scab disease (which appears as a rough brownish discoloration on the skin of the root), it is recommended that the pH level of the soil be neutral (pH 7.0). This level will keep scab at bay.

Soil Temp. for Germination:......50-75° F
Days to Germination:...........5-17
Days to Maturity:.................................60-70 days from direct seeding

Each package contains approximately 5 grams of seeds.

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