Bug Button™ and Mosquito Eliminator™ Grid

Pin It Or Hang It Where You Need It Most!
  • 1 - Bug Button
    SKU: 1211510
  • $1.60
  • 4 - Bug Buttons
    SKU: 1211515
  • $5.75
  • 1 - Mosquito Eliminator
    SKU: 1211520
  • $1.60
  • 4 - Mosquito Eliminators
    SKU: 1211525
  • $5.75
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For over 50 years, plant oils have been used successfully as insect repellents without the worry of harmful side effects that chemical repellents can cause. Botanical oils mask the human scents that are alluring to insects. The Bug Button and Mosquito Eliminator Grid are made by cleverly infusing these botanical oils into plastic to create lightweight, waterproof insect repelling products that can be placed nearly anywhere. The Bug Button attaches to almost any type of fabric and is small enough (about 1¾" in diameter) to pin to your clothing, hat, purse or backpack. It is not harmful to animals, so you can even pin it on your dog's collar. The Mosquito Eliminator Grid is somewhat larger, at 2½" in diameter, with a sturdy hook on one end. This enables you to hang it indoors or out, on umbrellas, tents, lawn chairs, lights or strollers; the possibilities are endless. Once you are done in a particular area, simply move the Mosquito Eliminator Grid to your new location. Keep both of these DEET-free product s in their re-sealable packages when not in use and they can last up to 200 hours.

Both the Bug Button and the Mosquito Eliminator Grid come in 4 colors: green, blue, yellow and red. We offer both products as singles, in sets of 4 and as part of the Superband Mosquito Family Pack. When you order a single Bug Button or Mosquito Eliminator Grid, we will choose one of the 4 colors for you. In the sets of 4, you will receive one of each color. The colors in the Family Mosquito Pack will also be randomly chosen for you.

The Superband Mosquito Family Pack is a collection of 4 Superband Premiums®, 4 Bug Buttons and 4 Mosquito Eliminator Grids. The Superband Premiums work in the same way as Bug Button and Mosquito Eliminator Grid but are worn as bracelets.

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