tranplant with Root Maximizer Beneficial Fungi

The Big Move - Transplanting

Transplanting shrubs and trees is both an art and a science. It's best to know the 'rules' for planting and transplanting:

  • Optimal timing.
  • Does the plant grow better with native soil or an amended soil mix?
  • The depth and width of the planting hole.
  • Watering requirements for new plantings and transitional watering as the plant matures.

It is also important to understand your soil and what it needs to provide the best nutrition for your growing plant. In addition to macro and micro nutrients, soil bacillus and the living creatures that help to make up a rich soil - plants grow better with a healthy population of mycorrhizae fungi in the soil.

The root system is essential to the health of any plant. Roots act like a straw and draw water and minerals from the soil, they store food for future use by the plant; and they help anchor plants and in turn keep the soil in place. There are tiny root hairs on each root that help the plant and roots with absorption of nutrients and moisture like everyone else, those roots need a little help from some friends. Roots of over 90% of all plants on earth form a symbiotic relationship with beneficial organisms known as mycorrhizal fungi. The mycorrhizae grow into the root and extend out into the soil. The fungi that is in the soil absorbs nutrients and moisture from the soil, wicking them into the plant roots. The fungi also help break down nutrients the plant must have into easy to absorb units.

Adding these fungal inoculants to soil results in a natural microbial system in the soil and on the roots of plants that will increase crop productivity, quality, and sustainability. We are pleased to provide the following products that contain mycorrhizae.

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