Scentry Gypsy Moth Trap & Lures

Trap Destructive Gypsy Moths With This Trap and Lures.
  • 5 Traps/5 Lures
    SKU: 1230450
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  • 10 Traps/10 Lures
    SKU: 1230451
  • $40.00
  • 5 Pk Lures
    SKU: 1230110
  • $14.85
  • 10 Pk Lures
    SKU: 1230130
  • $26.99
  • 5 Pk Traps
    SKU: 1230430
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  • 10 Pk Traps
    SKU: 1230431
  • $18.99
  • Scentry Lures - Gypsy moth - 5 Count
    SKU: 1230110
  • $14.85
  • Scentry Lures - Gypsy moth - 10 Count
    SKU: 1230130
  • $26.99
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Lures are sold separately and are necessary for trapping the gypsy moths.

Gypsy Moth Traps are effective as monitors of adult gypsy moths only. They can be used as an element of a gypsy moth IPM program, but should not be relied upon to control a gypsy moth infestation.

Since being introduced to the United States in 1869, Gypsy Moths have become one of the most destructive pests in our ecosystems. They are voracious defoliators in their caterpillar state and can ultimately kill more than 300 species of trees and shrubs.

Trapping and monitoring of adult moths (generally beginning in early summer) allows for population analysis and control management. This Gypsy Moth Trap is specially designed just for this species and must be used with the pheromone lures (SKU's 1230110 & 1230130).

This easy-to-assemble, rugged 1/2 gallon trap resembles a milk carton in size and shape. They are easy to hang with a length of twine or wire (not included). Secure the top and bottom with tape. Directions for assembly and placement of the gypsy moth traps are included with each shipment.

Other Gypsy Moth Control Measures:

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