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Tomato Pinworm

Tomato Pinworm Control

Keiferia lycopersicella (Walshingham)

The Tomato Pinworm is the larval stage of a small gray moth that is found year round in warm, agricultural areas in Florida, California, Texas, Hawaii, Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, and the Bahamas. They have been found in greenhouses in Delaware, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

The larvae feed as leaf miners which occasionally invade the stems and fruits of the host plant. The result of their feeding is very similar to leafminer damage. Symptoms include tunnels on the leaves, leaf folding, leaf tying and pin-size holes in the fruit. The most common host plant of the tomato pinworm is tomato, but they also infest eggplant and potatoes.

Control while the larvae are present using Bacillus thurengiensis kurstaki and Spinosad sprays.

For additional control products and more information please see our Caterpillars and Moths Control page.

Photo courtesy of Alton N. Sparks, Jr., The University of Georgia,

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