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Organics Rx® Sea-Kelp 100 - Liquid Concentrate

Organics Rx® Sea-Kelp 100 - Liquid Concentrate

Use Sea Kelp for Foliar and In-soil Applications to Improve Your Plants from the Soil Up

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OrganicsRx® Sea-Kelp 100 Organic Liquid Concentrate - 18 oz
OrganicsRx® Sea-Kelp 100 Organic Liquid Concentrate - 32 oz

Description Technical

Organics Rx® Liquid Sea-Kelp 100 adds micronutrients to the soil, enriching it, and opening up plant root systems so they can obtain the nutrients they need. Use it on any plant, tree, or vine that is stressed, in need of revitalization or as part of your fertilizing regime.  

The ascophyllum sea kelp in this concentrate contains natural growth hormones, called Cytokinins that promote plant growth and make water and mineral uptake more effective.

Fruiting and flowering yields have been increased by up to 40% when using Organics Rx® Liquid Sea-Kelp 100.

How To Use:

Mix well before using. Mix 2 tablespoons of Organics Rx Liquid Sea-Kelp 100 concentrate into 1 gallon of water (128 oz.)  Apply liquid mixture to base of plants and away from direct sunlight. For faster growth results, apply 2 times per week.  For optimal results, combine with Organics Rx All Purpose Plant Food. 

Environment: Aquaponics, Hydroponics, Container Plants, Greenhouse, Vegetable Gardens, Interiorscapes

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