PyGanic® Crop Protection EC 5.0 - 1 qt.

OMRI LISTED. Pyrethrin Based Insect Knockdown in Concentrate Form.
  • PyGanic® Crop Protection EC 5.0 - 1 qt.
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OMRI Listed Product

When you need immediate insect control or a knockdown in the garden, on crops, or on your livestock PyGanic® Crop Protection EC 5.0 II is the best pyrethrin product available on the market today. Pyrethrins are derived from chrysanthemums.

PyGanic® Crop Protection EC 5.0 II is 3 ½ times more concentrated than Pyganic EC 1.4 II, so it can save both storage space and shipping costs.

For Plants and Crops:

PyGanic® has been approved for use against more than 40 insects on more than 200 fruits and vegetables. It can be used in any season, whenever an insect infestation is observed. PyGanic® has an REI of 12 hours. It can be applied on the day of harvest - allowing for the 12 hours REI. PyGanic® has been approved for use on all growing crops, landscape and ornamental plants, in homes and other structures such as greenhouses and shade houses. This product can be effectively sprayed using a wide variety of equipment.

For livestock:

When there is an insect infestation on your horses, other livestock or poultry use PyGanic® in a fogger or as a spray. PyGanic® has been approved for use in livestock premises and on livestock.

Protect your beneficial insects:

PyGanic® is a broad-spectrum insecticide and will kill beneficial insects, including honey bees. To minimize impact, It is advisable to apply it early in the morning or at dusk to avoid killing bees.

  • Fly Eliminators are nocturnal, so applying PyGanic® as a fog in the morning will not harm them.
  • If other beneficial's have already been put in place, plan to reapply them.
  • Beneficial's can be applied 1 - 2 days after PyGanic®.

PyGanic® is most effective when applied in a final mixed solution that is 5.7 to 7.0 pH. When the solution falls outside this range it is recommended that a buffer (such as Citric Acid) should be mixed with Pyganic to optimize the pH for application.

Adding a surfactant(like Therm-X) will improve coverage by acting as a spreader/sticker.

Pyganic can be tank-mixed with other pest control products including: Bacillus thuringiensis, Azadirachtin, Spinosad based products, Neem Oil, and more. It may be applied through irrigation systems or by compressed air or pump sprayers.


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