Safer® Brand Insect Killing Soap w/ Seaweed

OMRI LISTED. Control pests with this insecticidal soap.
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This specially formulated insecticidal soap kills insects safely and has no unpleasant odor. Safer's Insect Killing Soap with Seaweed Extract is formulated with potassium salts of fatty acids (insecticidal soap) in a concentration that is effective for killing soft-bodies pests such as aphids, mealybug, whitefly and many more on contact.  The addition of seaweed makes the soap more effective and gentler for your plants.  

For optimal control of pests:

  • Use when you first spot pest insects on your plants.  
  • Spray top and bottom sides of all leaves thoroughly - it's O.K. for this product to drip onto the soil.

Considerations before use:

  • Safe to use on roses, flowers, fruits, vegetables, houseplants, trees, shrubs and most ornamentals.
  • Do not use on euphorbias, gardenias, or delicate ferns.
  • Test for varietal sensitivity on azaleas, begonias, camellias, fuschias, impatiens, jade plants and palms.

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases:
This product works as a knockdown control for the following: Aphids (Mult), Beet Leafhopper (Circulifer tenellus), Black Scale (Saissetia oleae), Brown Almond Mite (Bryobia rubrioculus), California Laurel Aphid (Euthoracaphis umbellulariae), Coconut Mealybug (Nipaecoccus nipae), Earwigs, European Apple Sawfly (Hoplocampa testudinea), Greenhouse whitefly (Trialeurodes vaporariorum), Harlequin Bugs (Murgantia histrionica), Lace Bugs (Corythucha sp), Leafhopper (Empoasca sp), Mealybug (Planococcus citri), Mealybug (Pseudococcus sp), Mites (Tetranychus sp), Oleander Scale (Phenacaspis sp), Potato Leafhopper (Empoasca fabae), Potato Leafhopper; Bean Jassid (Empoasca fabae), Psyllids (Mult), Silverleaf whitefly (Bemisia sp), Spider Mite (Mult), Sweet Potato Whitefly (Bemisia tabaci), Thrips (Franklinothrips sp), Two-Spotted Spider Mite (Tetranychus urticae)


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