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Epps Biting Fly Trap™

Epps Biting Fly Trap™

Traps biting flies by using the fly's own natural behavior patterns.
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Epps Biting Fly Trap™

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The Epps Biting Fly Trap is uniquely effective because it traps biting flies by using the fly's own natural behavior patterns. Many biting flies are attracted to large dark objects or contrasting color to the surroundings because such objects tend to be potential hosts like cattle, deer and horses.  Also, biting flies such as horse flies, deer flies, green head flies, yellow head flies, stable flies and black flies tend to circle around the host before actually landing to bite.

The Epps Trap takes advantage of these behaviors by providing a large, contrasting surface area, with transparent areas (which are actually clear plastic deflectors) representing air space between an animal's legs and over its back through which the flies would normally circle before feeding.  Flies see the deflectors as open space and try to fly through them.  They hit the deflectors and ricochet into the soapy water in the trays below.  Dish soap is added to the water in the trays to cause the flies to be wetted and drown faster. Check the trap every few days.

Where to Locate of the Epps Biting Fly Trap:

The trap works best when located in open, sunlit areas of pasture or other areas with biting flies where the trap is easy to see from a distance. Avoid placing the trap in woods or where there is dense vegetation to obstruct the fly's path or view.

Around stables, small dairy farms, dry lot dairies or feedlots: Place trap outside of stalls, pens or pastures where animals are located. The trap should be in an open, sunlit area at least 10 feet away from fences or a building, so it appears as a distinct stand-alone object.

Around homes, pools, or patios: Place trap in an open, sunlit area away from bushes, trees, and fences.

In wooded parks or similar areas: Place the trap in more open areas without heavy underbrush. Ideally, place it along trails or in clearings.

Generally, cattle and horses do not bother the Epps Trap after becoming accustomed to its presence. However, placing the trap out of reach of livestock or fencing off the trap with wire or electric fencing is highly recommended if you do not have an area suitable outside the pasture.

Note:  Requires (4) 7' T-Posts- these are not included.

The Epps Biting Fly Trap!
EPPS covers an approx. 20 acres.
Can kill approx. 1 lb of Biting Flies daily.
One-time investment 24/7.
No messy baits, no chemicals.
Just add soapy water!
Check the trap at least twice a week, or every other day.
Use an aquarium net (provided) or tea strainer to empty out the caught flies.
Add additional water and soap as needed.
Adjust the bar ties to keep targets more or less flat, level the trays, and replace torn deflectors as needed..
Keep weeds cut down around the trap; weeds growing under the bottom tray reduce the fly catch.

Pests and IPM:
This product is a Monitor, Trap or Lure for the following: Black Fly (Simulium vittatum Zetterstedt)

Environment: Outdoors, Crops, Orchards & Vineyards, Horses, Farm Animals, Livestock, Zoo Animals