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Compost Crank®

Compost Crank®

This compost crank works in compost bins and other tight spaces - you won't believe how easy it is to use!
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Compost Crank®

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Compost Crank - Compost AeratorJust crank the beveled spiral tip into your compost pile and pull out, without turning, to mix & aerate. No pushing, no prying, no strain on your back or your bin.

The Compost Crank® is BUILT TO LAST! This easy-to-use compost aerator is made of 3/8" diameter solid stainless steel with a free-spinning handle. The handle is made from 100% recycled pre-consumer black nylon that is naturally UV resistant.

The perfect size and weight: 45" long and weighs only 2 pounds. Measurements will vary slightly because it is handmade. Convenient lubrication holes are located in the center of each handle to keep it free-spinning.

  • The Compost Crank® easily penetrates densely packed or rough material, even vines in your compost.

  • Large and comfortable free-spinning ergonomic handles keep your hands from slipping off, plus they're UV stable.

  • It never clogs; you can always simply unscrew it to clean.

  • To open air holes in your compost pile, just crank in and crank out in several places.

  • Work the crank in the center only; it will dig a hole to bury fresh material, check progress, or moisture content.

Use the Compost Crank® often and watch your kitchen & yard scraps turn into rich, dark compost quickly!

Environment: Outdoors