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Zone A Fly Control Programs - Fly Eliminators

Your Shipments Start Week of February 23, 2015
Your Shipments End Varies depending on selection
Program Type Shipment/Application Frequency Number of
Ships every 3 weeks. For high pest fly levels, little to no manure management and close neighbors with horses, animals and livestock. 13
REGULAR PROGRAMS: Ships every 4 weeks. For low to average pest fly levels, some manure management, and few neighbors. 10
Choose Your Fly Eliminator Program
Be sure to account for other animals & livestock on your property when selecting the number of horses/animals.
Payment Options: Your credit card will be charged for the entire amount of your program unless you instruct us to "charge per shipment" in the comments section at checkout. If instructed, your credit card will then be charged 5-7 days prior to each shipment.
US Mail Shipping is included in the price of your Fly Eliminator Program.
You will be mailed a copy of your shipping schedule so you know when your Fly Eliminators are due to arrive.
Select the Fly Eliminator Program from the choices below.
Click the check box next to the program that equals the total number of animals on your property, then click "Add to Cart" to proceed with your order.
Zone A Fly Control Programs - Pre-set
*The EARLY BIRD Special Offer is valid for Fly Eliminator orders with a minimum of 6 shipments. Not Valid with other discounts or offers. The booster shipments will be combined with your scheduled shipments. Certain use restrictions may apply to $10 coupon. Offer expires April 30, 2015.

  # of Horses or
  Equivalent Animals
    Units Per
Ships Every 4 Weeks
10 Shipments Total
Ships Every 3 Weeks
13 Shipments Total
   1 Horse       1/4 Unit    
$149.50  $139.50
$194.35  $181.35
   2-5 Horses       1/2 Unit    
$179.50  $169.50
$233.35  $220.35
   6-10 Horses       1 Unit    
$279.50  $269.50
$363.35  $350.35
   11-15 Horses       1 1/2 Units    
$379.50  $369.50
$493.35  $480.35
   16-20 Horses       2 Units    
$479.50  $469.50
$623.35  $610.35
   21-25 Horses       2 1/2 Units    
$579.50  $569.50
$753.35  $740.35
   26-30 Horses       3 Units    
$679.50  $669.50
$883.35  $870.35
   31-35 Horses       3 1/2 Units    
$730.00  $720.00
$949.00  $936.00
   36-40 Horses       4 Units    
$819.50  $809.50
$1,065.35  $1,052.35
   41-45 Horses       4 1/2 Units    
$899.50  $889.50
$1,169.35  $1,156.35
   46-50 Horses       5 units    
$930.00  $920.00
$1,209.00  $1,196.00

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ZONE A Fly Control Programs
Fly Eliminators are parasites for natural fly control

Order your program now and your first shipment will be mailed the week of As soon as possible.

Your Shipment Schedule: You will receive a complete shipment schedule via email showing the dates of each of your shipments within a week of placing your order.

You are currently on: Zone A Fly Programs
Click on Zone links below to change to a different zone.

Fly Control Zone Map Zone C Fly Control Programs Zone C Fly Control Programs Zone B Fly Control Programs Zone A Fly Control Programs Fly Zone Map
You may have to shift up or down a zone depending on your particular elevation and microclimate.

Note: Dates shown on the map are our suggested start and end dates.

Southern US Climates
Middle US Climates
Northern US Climates
First Shipment:
Week of Feb 23, 2015

Mid November
First Shipment:
Week of March 16, 2015
Mid October
First Shipment:
Week of April 20, 2015
Mid September
All Year Fly Control Programs
For climates that have flies all year. Start Anytime.

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4 Steps for Maximum Fly Control - Learn about manure management and our other fly management products.
Fly Control Program Cost Chart

*These are units of measurement, not warranties or guarantees of performance. The total seasonal cost of Fly Eliminators™ depends on the recommended number of shipments which may be different than what competitors may recommend. We recommend releasing a shipment every 2-4 weeks throughout the fly season, but releases ranging from 1-6 weeks are not uncommon. Customer experiences may vary. The quantity required and frequency of application can differ according to region, size, condition of property or stables, severity of fly problem, neighbors, manure management, number of animals and start date of program. All warranties, expressed or implied are disclaimed.

Fly Parasites

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