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tranplant with Root Maximizer Beneficial Fungi
The Big Move
By: Jerry, Arbico Organics
August, 2007

In about a month I’ll be moving to a new home… Now is the time I start calling all those people that I have done favors for in the past to ask them to keep some time open, requesting their presence, and offering to feed them. Hopefully they will show up to assist me in lugging that dresser up the stairs or helping pack the glasses in newspaper. I get a hand, they get a meal, and everyone is happy! Moving my vital herb garden is going to require some help too. I’ll definitely need new pots to fit on my new back porch, and I’ll be transplanting my little fruit tree too. Everyone and everything needs a little help now and again, so plants are no exception. Thank goodness for ARBICO’s Root Maximizer Beneficial Fungi!

The root system is essential to the health of any plant, and like everyone else, those roots (and therefore the plant) need a little help from some friends. Roots of over 90% of all plants on earth form a necessary relationship with beneficial organisms known as mycorrhizal fungi. These "friends" help break down nutrients the plant must have into easy to absorb units. The fungi also have massive surface areas, which allows greater absorption of water and nutrients.

The fungal species in ARBICO-Organics’ inoculant is carefully blended with other organic components, and are well suited to a wide variety of soils, climates, and plants. The result is a natural microbial system on the roots of plants that will increase crop productivity, quality, and sustainability. Summer transplanting is the perfect time to add treats to the soil. So order some of our Root Maximizer Beneficial Fungi and get those plants a little help from their friends!