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Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control with Bti, Bacillus thuringiensis israelenis:
Are You Concerned About West Nile & Equine Virus?

Then Rid Your Environment of Bloodthirsty, Disease Carrying Mosquitoes Today with ARBICO's All Natural Mosquito Control Products!

Biological Mosquito Control
"Bti", Bacillus thuringienis ssp. israelensis, are bacteria which infect and kill mosquito larvae. These bacteria are highly selective, killing only mosquitoes and their close relatives like gnats and black flies. Formulations of Bti will only kill these types of insects and do not harm other kinds of insects, fish, birds, worms or any mammals!

natural mosquito control with BtiWhen Bti are eaten by the mosquito larvae, they damage the gut cells and quickly paralyze them, then kill the larvae quickly and efficiently. A moderate to heavy dose has been shown to reduce the mosquito population by one half in 15 minutes and the rest within one hour.

Bti can be broadcast by hand. For larger applications and municipalities call for quotes.

Mosquito Breeding Habits
Mosquitoes are tied to water where their young develop. The critical thing is that the water remains standing long enough for the larvae, called wigglers, to complete their development. Common pest mosquitoes lay their eggs on the water surface; others lay their eggs on the ground next to the water. This could include bird baths, old tires, rain barrels, streams, ponds, ditches, woodland pools, outdoor tubs, unused swimming pools, tree holes, flower pots, vases, roof gutters, sewage and industrial waste ponds, over irrigated or poorly leveled yards and pastures, or any other area or container where water collects and remains for periods of time.

If your yard has a frequently-watered flower bed or you have any area that is poorly leveled and holds water after a rain, you have an ideal breeding area for mosquitoes! Larvae can live in very little water! Even in wet foliage!

Mosquito eggs are very hardy and manage to live under almost all conditions, therefore, many species overwinter as eggs, others as larvae or adults. In warmer regions, breeding occurs year-around. The eggs hatch and become mosquito larvae which swim around eating and growing. In about a week they become full-grown mosquitoes and fly out of the water looking for someone to bite and then reproduce.

Bti Dosage Rates:
Dunks: 1 dunk/100 sq ft of water; Lasts 30 days or more.
Granules: 1 tsp. per 25 sq. ft. or 1 Tbs. per 75 sq. ft. Every 2 weeks

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Mosquito Facts:
Mosquitoes travel up to 5 miles.
Mosquitoes are known to carry and transmit diseases and viruses including the West Nile and Equine Virus.
Sprays can only kill adult stages of mosquitoes.

Bti Facts:

Harmless to other wildlife
Easy to apply and use
Bti kills larvae quickly and efficiently, within 24 hrs
Available in Granules (bits) and dunks (donuts)
Use for small and large areas
May be applied pre-flood
See our Insect-A-Peel System below to Eliminate Adult Mosquitoes and Other Biting Insects in gardens, farms, barns and greenhouses.
insect-a-peel system catches mosquitoes and other biting insects